About The Artist



I am influenced by light and how it changes our perception of the world around us and the colours we experience. The changing seasons, sunsets and water all provide a rich mine of subjects for my art.   I work chiefly in acrylics and acrylic inks which I find to be vibrant mediums that lend themselves to working quickly and expressively with a glorious array of colours.
I have previously exhibited paintings and life drawings at Art Shed, The Maynard Gallery and Gravelly Barn. I studied at the Open College of Art and have had many wonderful teachers who have helped and inspired me along the way including Sue James Dean, Lupe Cunha  & Caroline Hulse FRSA.  As well as my private tutoring and occasional workshops, I currently teach impressionism at the Joe Daisy Studio in Reading and demonstrate my process to art societies through my agent ‘Art Profile‘.